Machine Stress Rated Lumber Producers Council

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One of the primary missions of the MSR Lumber Producers Council (MSRLPC) is to educate the marketplace on the benefits and uses of MSR lumber. Below we have gathered the most helpful information for current and potential MSR lumber users.


MSR History & Technology

This overview of MSR Lumber includes some history on the MSR Lumber Producers Council (MSRLPC).

How MSR is Made

MSRLPC member Vaagen Brothers captures the process of MSR lumber production from start to finish.

Component-Framing Advantages

Framing the American Dream illustrates several advantages to framing with structural components, including labor savings, increased cycle time and less jobsite waste.

Les Jozsa on Wood

A presentation to Civil Engineering Students at Okanagan College covers the physical structure and properties of wood and it's uses as a building material.