Machine Stress Rated Lumber Producers Council

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“Our lumber purchasing decisions are based on quality, strength and availability, so we choose MSR. With MSR lumber, we know the quality has been certified, and our lumber supplier is the best in the industry.”
John Nicholson, Deltec Homes, Inc.
“We’re able to stock less inventory, make less culls, and have a final product with a better appearance. The quality that MSR lumber provides is definitely a selling feature.”
Colin Penner, Penn-Truss Mfg. Inc.
“MSR lumber is a raw material that my company has been utilizing for many years.  It is a high quality lumber that allows my product to exceed industry standards giving my company and our customers a high level of confidence in the final manufactured product.”
Jeff from Minnesota
“MSR lumber is the only solution that a component manufacturer has to use in designs with strict engineering criteria.  Every piece we receive, we know it has the strength to perform.  Knowing those design values, MSR lets us get the full use of each piece of lumber.”
Lumber Specialties
At A1 Roof Truss, we prefer to use MSR whenever we can versus any visual graded lumber. Consistency, quality and having a more scientific means for grading is our primary focus. We appreciate and request MSR products over any visual grade products.
A1 Roof Truss
“We like using MSR because of the consistency and the reliable engineering values it brings us. This and due to the better appearance Lumber Specialties uses MSR in all its truss lumber.”
Lumber Specialties
“We have been utilizing MSR SYP 2x4 through 2x12 and SPF 2x4 & 2x6 in our truss manufacturing process for many years. Several years ago when visually graded SYP experienced a dramatic reduction in its design values, we turned to MSR lumber as a more consistent product with higher structural capacities. These higher design values combined with the variety of available grades has proven to be a very valuable asset for our truss designers. MSR lumber gives our truss designers the ability to use smaller chord sizes, reduce lateral bracing, and achieve higher bearing capacities. Over the years, the number of MSR grades in our inventory has grown as has the percentage of our total lumber volume represented by MSR. As the demand continues to increase for larger structures and heavier wind and snow load capabilities, the use of MSR lumber becomes more of a necessity. Here at Rigidply Rafters, we have found MSR lumber to be a dependable product with a wide variety of uses.”