Future of Work: Trends, Technology & Policy

The world of work is changing. As many as one in five workers now make up the “gig economy” of contingent and freelance work, and increasing numbers of employees are working remotely, either part or full time. Many of these workers rely on multiple technologies to stay connected to their employers, clients, and collaborators. Workplace technology is also changing, with live video, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) now entering the workplace. But where do people with disabilities fit into these trends? With the help of some of our partners, PEAT has developed several resources that start conversations around what we can expect to see in the coming years when it comes to the future of work.

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    What's New?

    The Future of Work: Honoring the Americans with Disabilities Act

    Future of Work Public policy & law Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Staff training & awareness Team & leadership

    Throughout 2020, PEAT is exploring the role that technology can play in breaking down barriers to employment and ensuring accessibility, equality, and opportunity for all. Please join us!

    Podcast: Understanding Workplace Accessibility Technology Testing

    Future of Work News and Top Trends

    Hadi Rangin, Information Technology Accessibility Specialist for Accessible Technology Services (ATS) at the University of Washington, discusses the importance of accessibility testing in the technology procurement process.

    Podcast: The Role of Universal Design in Workplace Inclusion and Accessibility

    Future of Work News and Top Trends

    Brook McCall, Director of the Tech Access Initiative at United Spinal Association, discusses the workplace technology challenges that people with mobility disabilities face.

    Podcast: Accessibility, Training and Job Creation

    Future of Work News and Top Trends

    Shane Kanady, Vice President of Workforce Development at Source America, discusses challenges people with disabilities face around finding work, including technology concerns.

    Podcast: The Value of VR for Training and Employee Development

    Future of Work News and Top Trends

    George Karalis, Senior Product Manager at STRIVR discusses the value of Virtual Reality for Training and Employee Development and STRIVR's commitment to making VR training accessible.

    Podcast: Creating VR Workplace Training Programs for People with Disabilities

    Future of Work News and Top Trends

    Assistive Technology Specialists Chris Baumgart and Meagan Little of Imagine! Colorado discuss how they have worked with employers to create successful virtual reality (VR) workplace training programs for people with disabilities.